Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Roth Mobot at OFFF Festival in Paris!

Roth Mobot is performing opening night at the OFFF Festival in Paris, France.

The three-day OFFF Festival is more than a design conference, it's a digital multimedia festival. OFFF is spreading the work of a generation of makers, inventors, and artists that are setting new limits by growing with recent technology and receiving inspiration from a whole new tool set.

This is such an unusual and excellent gig for us that it requires a little extra attention. Although the festival is paying for our flight and our hotel accommodations, we still have to pay for our food, and to ship our equipment across the Atlantic (twice).

We have set up a Donate button on our web site. It's a secure connection to PayPal where any small donation would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you send us your postal address we will send you a post card from Paris! We leave this Tuesday and our goal is $500. Thank you.