Wednesday, October 27, 2010


". . . for electronics junkies it's like being in a candy store."
- The Onion
Saturday, November 13 :
Lizard's Liquid Lounge, 3058 W Irving Park Rd.
The 3rd annual Midwestern Experimental Electronics Conference and Showcase (MEECAS) is a free, day-long symposium highlighting the past year's accomplishments in the areas of Musical Instrument Design, Performance, Circuit Bending, Data Hacking, and Video Art.

CONFERENCE : Noon - 3:00 PM
The MEECAS begins with a three-hour circuit bent open mic, and an open “horizontal lecture series” structured around a free hardware hacking workshop wherein all participants are both teacher and student. The conversation will focus on networking, hacking techniques, project demonstrations, and setting goals for the next year.

DINNER - 3:00 PM
Order some carry out, and continue the conversation and networking into the evening.

SHOWCASE : 8:00 PM - Midnight
The MEECAS continues into the evening with live performances featuring:
VIDEO : 8:00 PM - Midnight
In addition to the live video mix work of The Machinist, the evening portion of the MEECAS will include pieces from some of the Midwest's (and Europe's) premier Glitch artists, featuring:
The MEECAS audience is encouraged to explore interactive electronic installations created by:
MEECAS STORE : 7:00 PM - 1:00 AM
Exhibiting and performing artists will be selling recorded works, experimental musical instruments, electronics kits, and apparel to offset the cost of the show.

Recycle Dead Batteries at MEECAS 2010 Please bring your dead batteries to the MEECAS and we will send them to a proper eWaste recycling center.

MEECAS 2010 LIVE WEBCAST : 8:00 PM - Midnight CST

  • Créme Dementia, MEECAS 2010 Video Documentation
  • Tom Young, MEECAS 2010 Photo Documentation
  • (steven) Buck, MEECAS 2010 Audio Documentation
  • Patrick McCarthy & (steven) Buck, MEECAS 2010 Staging and Lighting
  • Carl Broman, MEECAS 2010 Webcast Documentation
  • Ruth & Johnny, MEECAS 2010 Bartenders
  • Lizard's Liquid Lounge, the Room
  • Cody's on Albany, for their Convenient Location
  • You, the MEECAS 2010 Audience