Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 - The Year In Review

2010 was a pretty good year for Roth Mobot.
Below is a list of some of the year's highlights.

None of it would be possible without your support.
From both of us - Thank you.
  • We were well received in Paris
  • Landed our first Chicago Elementary School gig
  • Were called to audition for a program on the History channel
  • Auditioned for America's Got Talent
  • Conducted over seventy workshops and have added new advanced classes
  • Doubled our weekly eSymposium membership
  • Added to our mailing list
  • Received new commissions for bent devices including Marco Benevento, and New York's School of Rock
  • Mixed our first studio recording ("Stations" -- soon to be on iTunes, etc.)
  • Quadrupled our followers on SoundCloud, YouTube, and Twitter
  • Increased our number of live performances including our first EarthDay Virtual Concert
  • Presented to a sold out crowd at TEDx Windy City
  • Won the Best Presentation Award at google's ORD Camp 2010
  • Were nominated for a Prix Ars Electronica Award in Austria
  • Had our five year anniversary
  • We were included in, and designed graphics for, a new "net label" compilation, Delete Function Vol. 1
  • Conducted multiple lectures, including Columbia College and the Chicago Rotary Club
  • Were involved in a University of Chicago Master's Thesis on Sociology (it received an 'A')
  • We made tons of new friends
  • Successfully increased the level of interactivity at the annual MEECAS
  • And finally had some much-needed dental work done

Thursday, December 9, 2010

LIVE at the ESS

Chicago's Experimental Sound Studio invited Roth Mobot to one of their fundraisers to demonstrate their approach to music composition on home made experimental electronic devices and circuit bent toys.

The evening began with a set by Dan Mohr on keyboards, looper, and vocals, and Adam Vida on drums. (google them, they have multiple sites each).

After Intermission, Tommy and Patrick rolled out a 20 minute improvisation on some of the themes used in Smile, SReach Out (Disconnect), and Hamburger Drive Thru.

Alex Inglizian recorded the set. He did a stunning job of capturing our sound. Nothing has been altered from the original recording.