Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Roth Mobot's Article "Spring Reverb in a Lunchbox" in Musicworks Magazine

Roth Mobot's DIY article "Spring Reverb in a Lunchbox" made the cover of the current issue of Musicworks Magazine. You can read the article in the magazine's online preview.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Roth Mobot's Phonogaphitephone at TEDx Windy City

Gallery of photos from the installation
Roth Mobot was invited to create an interactive installation for TEDx Windy City that focused on the theme of "contrast."

We proposed a "Phonographitephone," a modified children's turntable that sent variable electronic signals to custom circuitry and circuit bent toys via high contrast drawings the audience members made on paper disks.

We then hung all the disks in a make-shift gallery that grew throughout the day. Participants were able to "play" other drawings made by other guests.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rotation: A Dark Ambient / Experimental Compilation

Listen/Download Tracks: | Bandcamp | Beatport | Amazon | iTunes |
1. Ateis - Non Plus
2. Chvad SB - She Should Be Here
3. Dead Voices on Air - Power Failure
4. Roth Mobot - The Current Jellyfish Scare (excerpt)
5. Words on Water - Of the Black Goatskin
6. Saemskin - Republocratic Lies
7. Ambient Mechanics - Death of a Star
8. Controlled Bleeding - The Poisoner (Part 2, excerpt)
9. Herwig Holzmann - Watching the Abortive Mimoid
10. Secant Prime - Henkel Transform

This is the first collaboration of Uncoiled Loops and Facility Records to bring you some of the best dark ambient / experimental music in the genre, with some well known acts as well as new, up-and-coming acts. This includes Dead Voices On Air's "Power Failure" as one of the 7 previously unreleased tracks, includes Herwig Holzmann's (of Photophob fame) now out of print "Watching the Abortive Mimoid". Roth Mobot is leading circuit bending in Chicago, with 30+ performances, museum/gallery installations, workshops, and so much more. It also provides for the first time Controlled Bleeding's "The Poisoner" (Part 2, excerpt) as a single track download. Chvad SB (of things outside the skin) is currently touring with Controlled Bleeding, and has just completed a soundtrack for the horror flick "Gut."