Friday, March 16, 2012

Circuit Benders in The Loop!

Colorboration Folk Fest
208 S. Wabash, Chicago
Friday, March 23,  3:45 PM - 12:00 AM ~FREE~
Roth Mobot is scheduled for 7:30 PM

Tommy and Patrick, of Roth Mobot, have been invited to perform in the Loop! We will be performing as part of a day-long FREE mini "folk music" festival. Yup, we convinced them that circuit bending is a form of experimental electronic folk music ;-) Which it is.

The shtick is that there will be two painters producing live interpretive works of the various musicians' performances (very groovy).

It's two doors down from the "Exchequer" So there will be pre-performance lubrication and post-performance decompression.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Roth Mobot On City Committees

Roth Mobot's Patrick McCarthy has joined Chicago's 48th Ward's "Arts and Culture" and "Education" committees. Patrick's goal is to find a bridge between these two committees and to create a hybrid of arts/science education and after school programming.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Becoming a TAD Studio Fellow

Students hacking toys at Patrick McCarthy's workshop at Columbia College
We are proud to announce that Roth Mobot's Patrick McCarthy has been selected for a fellowship at Columbia College's Teaching Artist Development Studio. The TAD Studio initiative addresses an essential need in Chicago for systematic professional development of artists teaching in Chicago Public Schools.

Patrick will be getting his head cooked over the course of a few months on the techniques and goals of teacher partnerships and how to polish his already unique curriculum design.

"I'm surrounded by brilliant visual artists, poets, dancers, musicians, sculptors, photographers, teachers, and journalists -- I'm proud to be the only 'hacker' in the group!"