Monday, February 28, 2011

New Monthly Lecture Series at eSymposium

photo by T Young
Saturday, 3/5/11, 12-3 PM
Lizard's Liquid Lounge
3058 W Irving Park Rd.

For almost two years now various hackers, circuit benders, engineers, inventors, sculptors, and musicians have been meeting every Saturday at the weekly eSymposium, a lateral teaching/learning fab lab that focuses on experimental electronics and other DIY approaches to the "acquired technology arts."

Starting this Saturday, we will focus the first eSymposium of each month on a particular guest speaker to give an informal lecture about some technique, discovery, or passion that they have been pursuing.

This Saturday, our first speaker will be Tomer Gal (of Welcome Tomerica). He will be speaking about, and showing concrete examples of, using control voltage to synchronize various devices, different sources of control voltage, and using home made midi-to-control voltage conversion hardware to control multiple hacked and bent devices.

An excellent example of Tomer's technique in action can be heard in the audio archive of his stellar performance from this year's MEECAS.

We are currently booking lectures for this series. If you would like to be a guest speaker at the eSymposium please send a message via our Contact page.

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