Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Circuit Bending" Demo at ORD Camp 2010 & Fuzzy Math's Winter Salon

This year Roth Mobot was invited to ORD Camp - (according to their web site, the "unconference" "...for people in the Midwest who are doing interesting work in a wide range of technology-related disciplines...." Participants are encouraged to freely sign up to speak on any subject the wish, and to attend any of said talks. Patrick gave three talks on Saturday. A brief lesson in Tuvan Throat Singing Techniques (the art of simultaneously singing with more than one voice), and Eschatology (particle physics, the relative mass equation, & dark energy - a theoretical end to the universe). But it was his Introduction to Circuit Bending demonstration that won the "Most Popular Talk Award." This same demonstration will be conducted at Fuzzy Math's Winter Salon, a small group unconference for people to meet, learn from, and spark the passion of like-minded folks. They'll provide good company and good food, it's up to you to provide great conversation!
Thursday, February 18th, 6:00 PM, 3422 N. Lincoln Ave. 2nd Floor Chicago, FREE.

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