Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Film Score Workshop at Columbia College

Roth Mobot's Patrick McCarthy has been invited to teach a one day Introduction to Circuit Bending workshop this Spring as part of Columbia College's Music Composition for the Screen graduate program. Students will learn how to manipulate common discarded electronic devices and convert them into custom musical and audio instruments. The workshop will focus on the concept of "audio safari" and how to explore a sonic soundscape before attempting to control it to apply it temporally to film/video.

"Though I've had a general interest in circuit-bending from afar on the Internet, I had never seen a live performance, and I just want to reiterate how awesome I thought it was. It was so musical in a way that was almost totally new to me. I loved the element of chance, and the idea that these toys that may have been sitting on a Goodwill shelf or on their way to a junkyard were now being used in this new artistic context, like they had been raised from the dead as zombie versions of their former selves.... I find the whole idea so inspiring."
~ Ed Barton, Columbia MFA Student ~

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